Recruit and command your tribe of goblins as they travel, pillage and fight to take revenge on the human’s kingdom.

Take command of your bickering tribe of useless goblins in this adventure-driven strategy game. Travel through the human lands, pillaging villages, recruiting and subduing other tribes to pit against the organized, efficient human armies. Build a lasting legacy on the surface for your little goblins as the ungrateful assholes attempt to overthrow you and ruin everything. Set examples and chop the weakest, feed their remains to the most powerful ones and gain their loyalty.

• Tabletop Experience: move your tribe in turns and end the game before the month runs out, or gain precious time by interfering with the human plans.

• Tactical Combat: encounter unique human armies in every mission. Find a way to outsmart and outmaneuver the overpowering human troops.

• 16 unique goblin classes with their abilities, from the fat, angry berserkers to the frail, totally mad scientists.

• Grind, recruit and field your goblins to level them up and gain more abilities.

• A World of Revenge: pillage the human lands in three procedural maps, harvesting resources unique to each terrain.