TITANS 0.4.3 – Hotfixes, hotfixes everywhere

Hello again and welcome to this week’s update. Today we continue the game’s refactoring, slowly and surely changing each individual feature from “working” to “final code I swear this is the last time for real, finger’s crossed”. For this reason, the game had to be reset with the current update. You can find what’s changed at the end of this post.

As for new features, we promised some insight into the combat system. As the Team is focused on the Fire Titan, a few of us remain dedicated to building interaction and code refactoring. In a few weeks, we plan to release Containers and Building Durability. We plan to give the player a new fragile container to store farmed resources, in the form of a Clay Vessel, and a more durable container in the form of the current Granary.

This opens up the topic of building durability. Current buildings are permanent, but in a few patches they will slowly decay over time and can be destroyed from other players. Looting a simple vessel will be fairly easy but fortified storages will grant a limited protection from conventional weapons. Do not despair, as decay is a slow affair and you will be able to repair buildings using Hammers.

Join us on Discord to help us develop this feature and provide feedback, as it will be an essential part of the farming/growing cycle of your tribe!

Until then, Good hunting and godspeed.


  • New jump animations.
  • New jump logic: you’re no longer allowed to jump on jumping players, or have any fun whatsoever.
  • The player now slides to the ground when he’ll reach unwalkable terrain.


  • Fixed a bug that let players enter unpassable structures
  • Fixed some stuttering issues with players’ movement and jump animations
  • Fixed a bug that let the IA ignore some terrain and structures. Do not worry, it still bugs in some others.

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