TITANS 0.4.8 – Where’s My Gazelle?

Hello everyone,

This week we uploaded sounds back into the game and developed a first, proper ingame soundtrack. This is the second iteration to the sound system, and our sound designers worked hard to give you back that marvelous GRONK GRONK that ye olde ninja gazelles made, except now it’s more like a MO OO OO and properly associated with mundane herbivores. Did you know that gazelles do really sound like that? I didn’t.

Along with it, we implemented all other marvelous sounds that you will produce while farming, smithing, running and fighting. Now all we need is a farm and a bunch of kids singing E I E I O while we keep fixing the occasional bug.

Join us on Discord, to provide us feedback and further improve our newly acquired sound.

Good hunting and godspeed.


  • The music is ON, baby.
  • The Gazelle now properly goes Moooo. It’s still scary.
  • The environment now has a wide range of appropriate sounds.
  • Player sound enabled. You will now hear Giuda as he approaches for a nice backstab.
  • Added a basic music and FX settings menu.
  • Added an HitMarker to the bow to improve its use in boss fights.
  • Added Building synchronization between players. You can now see and access other players resources in unguarded furnaces.


  • Removed physical interaction between pickups and the player to avoid the Titans Football Team to kick them in the most remote areas of the map.
  • A few pickups now have a generic mesh instead a dedicated one, to avoid strange physical behaviours.
  • Fixed the Floating Fruits Bug. Again. I want to believe.
  • Optimized animal AI to improve CPU load.
  • Optimized building placement to improve CPU load.


  • Fixed a rare bug that prevented players to build anything after an untimely death.
  • Fixed a common crosshair bug that spawned the crosshair for all players.

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