Patch Notes 0.5.0: The Age of Fire

Hello Tribesmen,

the update you long waited for is here. We trust your patience had been rewarded: now the game officially held all the features it packed before the rework… and several more like forging, fishing, crafting and cooking.



The time has come for the first Titan’s release. This massive deity can squash unprepared Tribesmen like flies, as the unready will be culled by Fire itself. So gather your friends, equip your best armours and bows! Craft hundreds of arrows, pack the occasional healing meal and get ready for this long fight. Be warned: to succeed you must coordinate and plan ahead, using the Titan’s own strength against its defences.



We hope you had time to train with the Wardens, as to unlock the titan you’ll have to defeat them, and then proceed to the Big T itself, all before time runs out. Rest for too long, wander off or run away and you’ll have to start anew.

And once you’ve succeeded? You and your friends will have to share his single Soul and keep it safe.. for our next releases. From there on Titans: DoT will differentiate from others survival games in that Land Ownership can only come from great deeds. Anyone can build a nomadic tribe but only the strongest can claim the land and start building their own, lasting Nation.

Good hunting and godspeed.


  • The Fire Titan had been implemented with his unique arena.
  • The Fire Soul item is a new drop that’ll allow a future special tier of buildings.
  • Added the warehouses in the game. You can now store items in the Crude Vessels, a new building, and in the Granary of old.
  • Added crosshairs for Crafting, Forging, Gathering and storing items in warehouses.
  • Several buildings can now be snapped together to form contiguous walls or structures.
  • Added sound effects for bows and arrows.
  • Added additional sound effects for the Wardens.


  • Changed the Gem lode to be more unique and recognizable.
  • The whole game Lighting has been overhauled. Again. We’re almost there. Or maybe not.
  • You can now use equipped consumables with Left Mouse button.
  • Changed the Fire Shard mesh to increase visibility.
  • Changed the names and description of a bunch of buildings.
  • Furnaces storage doubled, quality of life increased.
  • I yield. You won. Go ahead, have your arrows crafted every second (was five seconds).
  • Changed the player’s SFX, this is the second iteration for footsteps and mining/farming.


  • Fixed resources’ Shader Rimlight, whatever that means.
  • Fixed and optimized the Environment’s Shaders.
  • Fixed the Fog’s visualization errors.
  • Fixed a revenant crosshair bug when selecting an object from the hotbar.
  • Gazelles now understand the concept of privacy and won’t enter your home unannounced. Meet you there for lunch, RSVP.
  • Fixed a bug that let furnaces keep going when full, resulting in wasted production.
  • Fixed a bug that let you harvest meat from live Gazelles. That was gross.

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