Patch Notes 0.5.2: Autumn is coming

Hello Tribesmen, and welcome back.

August is gone, and the illusion of light and charm with it. Life can start anew in all it’s greyness and sweet, sweet despair.

While our programmers slowly baked in the Mediterranean sun, we gathered data and observed some nasty bugs that developed over time. In this update we fix several of them, addressing some odd and unintended consequence of massive resource exploitation.

As for our artists, they finished the buildings rework, addressing both performance and polish. UI and UX started serious production early this month and as part of that, we finalized some quality-of-life on workbenches and diegetic symbols. Hop into discord and help us by providing feedback with the new direction, as hopefully this time that will become Pretty Definitive(™).

See you in a few days with some roaring news. Until then, good hunting and Godspeed.


  • Updated all the buildings for the first two Ages of the game.
  • Animals no longer collide with the player, to avoid some nasty and unwanted consequences. Like plasma burns from orbital re-entry.


  • Fixed a bug that slowed down the player when moving diagonally. Third iteration, let’s hope for it to be the last.
  • Fixed a rare bug that stopped any and all sound in the game.
  • Fixed a resource bug that caused scarcity over long-ass periods of exploitation. Real life sucks, we don’t want any of that here.

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