TITANS 0.4.2 – Easter Update

And lo!
the Almighty Duck, laying dormant evermore!
the humans return to their pointless fiddling
knowing that one that one day
the call shall be answered again.

It’s been a fun Easter. Several players have danced around naked, bearing the Mark of the Duck and hunting Wardens in organized teams. Quack quack everyone!

Today we’re unlocking the basic tattoos back and keep the new Rising Duck tattoo as a random spawn. Tattoos have proven to be a nice feature, one that we’re looking to unlock as craftables as part of the combat system. We’re working on that and will release it along the Fire Titan in a certain point in the future.

As for network stability, we focused on a hidden, sneaky, slimy bug that sometimes clogged down the server for good with insane requests. We found out the cause and managed to fix it, the Duck be praised.

Come back next week as we’ll be… building on some side effects of the combat system.

Good hunting and godspeed.


  • The mighty Rising Duck tattoo is no longer the only one you can obtain at login.
  • All others tattoo are available once more.
  • The mighty Rising Duck tattoo can now rarely be gained by players at login.


  • Fixed a bug that caused all the buildings UI to update every time a player opened his inventory.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the forges UI to generate false client-side IDs and requests.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the server CPU to overload due to an insane number of obsolete client IDs.

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