TITANS 0.4.4 – Of AI, UI and other odd beasts

Hello everyone,

This week’s update focus on the quality of life and AI rework. Let’s start with the latter: we have redone all animals AI and laid the foundation to introduce further, different animals in the game. This means that, for now, the gazelle had been reworked and behave properly. To address the improved AI we put a wooden bow in the early tech tree. We plan to remove it as we change the combat system and introduce throwing weapons. Those will be one-shot, high-risk high-reward weapons that can be used in melee or thrown and lost on hit for a higher damage.

As for the quality of life, we introduced a loading panel on server load that includes a hotkey summary for new players. While a total UI rework is far away, we have introduced immediate changes to the player’s log: connecting and disconnecting players should now be signaled with a proper color and gathering or losing resources had been highlighted as well.

Join us on Discord to help us fix further bugs and introduce new quality-of-life changes to improve the game.

Waiting you there, Good hunting and godspeed.


  • Added a temporary wooden bow to hunt Gazelles
  • Added a Loading Screen with the game commands
  • Gazelles should now be skinned with a Bone Knife to gather resources
  • Added a “ Player connected” message


  • Fixed the resources’ shader
  • Fixed an odd effect on camera that occurred
  • Completed the refactoring of the Gazelle AI
  • Changed the mining and pickup message color


  • Gazelles should know when to steer and avoid obstacles
  • Gazelles should no longer have access to PHB Mage Spell “Plane Shift”

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