TITANS 0.4.5 – Can’t build that!

Hello everyone,

This week we introduce our first iteration of Unbuildable Zones. Until now everyone could build freely anywhere he pleased, included some sensitive zones of the game. With Unbuildable Zone player’s will no longer be able to clutter the starting shores and the Wardens arena.

Even more importantly, this will allow us to iterate on different kind of areas and how they might work: Tribal Areas with a dedicated ownership, Fertile and farmable lands, and other chances to personalize your village.

On the Fire Titan side, work’s progressing nicely and we’re almost ready to spoil something more on that. So Join us on Discord, give us feedback on the current state of the game and get ready for some serious fighting.

Waiting you there, good hunting and godspeed.


  • Added Unbuildable Zones in certain areas to prevent building spam on warden and players’ spawning area


  • Gazelles will now respawn in a certain area instead of the place they died
  • Changed all nodes hitpoints. You should be able to mine more out of each node
  • Changed the jumping system to allow a tiny bit of freedom during falls


  • Fixed Gazelles navigation and behaviour that sometimes froze them in place.
  • Fixed a bug on mining and nodes
  • Fixed a bug that slowed the players down when pressing “aim” with a melee weapon
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the loading screen to show up and froze the game
  • Fixed a few typos in the UI
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the aim cross-air to show when aiming down a bow’s sight

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