TITANS 0.4.6 – For a fistful of arrows

Hello everyone,

This week we continue to improve the game and add selected features. We’re focussing on animations, synchronicity and a new combat system for our Bows. Each bow now has a drag time that’ll add power and distance to the shot. We improved your freedom in aiming and gave the bow a new crosshair to improve your aiming. Ideally, this will allow you to fight the titan on better terms and reward good aim and skill.

About the Fire Titan itself: we’re finally testing it internally and preparing to release it. Last time our testers happily managed to destroy everything we assembled, including my hopes and dreams. So we can’t give you a date for sure, but it’ll be in the near future, once we’re confident about the titan’s stability and replayability.

Good hunting and godspeed.


  • New Bow and dedicated combat system, with draw strength and crosshair.
  • New aiming animation. You can now recognize when someone’s going to shoot you.
  • New player animation when aiming from up close, you can now aim a little bit higher.


  • All skins are now synced between clients. You’ll be finally envied for having a Duck tattoo.
  • Melee attacks are now synced up between players and can be foretold. This won’t prevent Giuda from backstabbing you at the least opportune moment.
  • Armour is now synced up between players. Now Giuda will be able to properly assess if you’re too heavily armored for a quick and inappropriate backstab.
  • Bow now prioritize using arrows in hotbar.
  • Wardens now attack the player only after someone attacked them.
  • Wardens now will be restored to full life if all players leave them alone for more than five minutes.


  • Fixed Arrows collisions, because we hated to see players using them to climb mountains only to jump out of the map.
  • Fixed a rare bug in which a player could hug a tree so bad dryads went envious of his merging abilities.
  • Fixed a bug in which the mining crosshair did not turn red to inform you that the target was mineable.
  • Fixed a rare bug on the loading screen that prevented you to do anything short of killing your pc and burn down the house.
  • Severely nerfed the Gazelle Trade Union, as it prevented players to exploit them for resources.
  • Severely enhanced Gazelle respawn as it prevented them to show up and be killed.
  • Fixed a bug on Tools attack animation that crippled your player with a funny backache.

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